USB wired vibration handle PC computer game handle compatible with PS4

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USB wired vibration handle PC computer game handle compatible with PS4

Game machine accessories type: game console


  • Support PS4 game console, compatible with PC

  • Size:162mm×52mm×98mm

    Support PS4 handle comes with Bluetooth function, vibration, built-in battery!

    (The first time you use the USB cable to connect with the host, you can operate wirelessly. The original operation is the same.)

    On top of the PS4 controller wireless controller, a new 3-color LED strip that displays various colors is added. When playing in multiple people, the color of the light bar and the color matching of the characters in the game will be linked, which will make it easy to identify the character that you are manipulating. The use of the color change of the light bar can also indicate the physical strength or damage of the character, and the application method such as this can intuitively distinguish various game information.

    A stereo headphone/microphone connection has also been added to the PS4 controller wireless controller. Users of the PS4 can enjoy high-quality game effects sounds not only through the TV speakers, but also from the controllers in their hands. When you play the connection game, you only need to use the mono headset microphone set that comes with the PS4 on the PS4 controller wireless controller to chat with the companions of the game to provide a deeper level of fun.

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