Magnetic LED charging cable Micro USB cable

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Magnetic LED charging cable for iPhone X XR XS Max 8 7 Micro USB cable USB charger charger / C-line for Samsung Xiaomi USB cable

Product parameters:

              Wire diameter OD: 3.3 Core: 65*0.8*2C Power: 5V/2.1A (measured) Use N52 strong magnetic magnet

              Wire appearance type: cotton yarn weaving, fishing net line (can be customized) wire material processing: aluminum foil, anti-flame retardant

              Wire length: 1m (can be customized)

             Standard set of aluminum shell, aluminum shell color: black, red (silver, gold, gray can be customized)

Function Description

  1, support Lighning (compatible with iPhone8 charging) MIC TYPE, C three-in-one charging;

2, double-sided four-pole magnetization, blind suction accurate charging, reduce the trouble of docking socket. With LED indicator light;

3, anti-flame retardant, in line with RHOS environmental requirements, in line with the quality requirements of Tmall and other e-commerce;

4, the magnet absorbs 360 degrees of rotation, only supports charging, (does not support data transmission)

Type-c :
Need to buy an apple magnetic head,
Micro can also be plugged in the phone and the line is magnetic separately.

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