Living Room 2-tier Shelves Bench Entryway Storage Shoe Rack with flip storage compartment 23.62 x 13 x 19.88 inch

Tax included.

Premium Quality: Lightweight, strong and durable, this organizing rack is made of 100% high quality natural bamboo wood. It is designed by professional craftsmen, made to last and resist against external factors like moisture, hot or cold temperatures.


- Dimensions: 23.62 x 13 x 19.88 inch,

- Net weight: 8.82 lb

- Gross weight: 10.4 lb

Shipping List:

- 1 x Shoe Rack

- 1 x Instructions

- 1 x Accessories Bag (not include the screwdriver and hammer)

Multi-Use: Besides shoes, you can also store accessories, bags or documents. It can be also used as a sitting bench when you need to tie your shoes or when you are out of chairs. This can be placed anywhere in your home, kitchen, bedroom, living room or outside.