Cactus Cat Cave House with Sisal Scratching Post and sisal ball for cat kittens Green L

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  • ★ STOOL DESIGN - Due to the stool design, this cat tree has a very special appearance. When the green semi-circular side of the scratching board is facing up,the cat tree looks like a cactus, which is very cute in appearance;if you turn this scratching board upside down, the green and semicircular scratching board of this scratcher can get into the cylinder perfectly.At this time, the shape of this cat tree is like a stool.It can be used for cats and people to sit on it. It has a cute appearance and good practicability at the same time.

  • ★ REST AND PLAY - The cushion built into the cat tree is very soft.Cats can rest and sleep in cylindrical cubicles,and the material of the cylindrical inner surface is different from the outer plush. The cat can scratch the inner surface with its paws. In addition, their claws can be scratched on the green semi-circular scratching plate, and there is also a sisal ball for chewing and playing.

  • ★ FOR ALL CATS - This scratching post has been specially developed for small and medium-sized kittens. This stool scratching post is easy to install and takes up less space. If your apartment has less space, this cat tree is very suitable for you.

  • ★ QUALITY ASSURANCE - Quality is the foundation of PAWZ. It is covered in the scratching board with durable sisal rope. Therefore there is no problem with scratching and sharpening the scratching post. Stable construction and robust base plate is a guarantee for free and carefree climbing and playing of the cats.

  • ★ TOTAL SIZES - L: (44* 44*48CM) (17.3*17.3*18.9 Inches)This stool scratching post is suitable for all kittens.

  • Large weight:6.2kg