Stainless steel Biscuit press biscuit machine

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Biscuit press biscuit machine

Style: 1 gun + 8 mouth + 13 flower

 Cookie maker use tutorial

Purpose: bake cookies and decorate cakes
Stainless steel cookie gun

1.100g butter, 130g low gluten flour, 50g white sugar without milk and other, other recipes you are familiar with their own mix
2. When the butter is whisked, add the flour and sugar to make a clean batter
Note: cookies can be pressed directly on the unoiled baking sheet (dust without touching the baking sheet)
Do not put it on the oiled paper (can not stick, the machine can not remove film), after baking a plate, should be cleaned and dried the next plate
3. Oven 170 degrees, 10 minutes (due to the difference of the oven, the time is slightly different, first press the setting of 10 minutes, if it is not hot, then add two minutes, do not add more than two minutes at a time)

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